Prep time: 30-45 minutes

Merlin's Favorite Sloppy Joe

American, Main Dish
Sloppy joes are traditionally kind of cheap tasting and overly salty and overly sweet, and messier than necessary. These sloppy joes have a bit of a tex mex flavor to them from the chili powder, and everyone in the house has to remind themselves that they're full, lest they go back for more. They're savory enough to make the adults happy while still being a fun food with a good texture for children.
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Prep time: 120 minutes

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Main Dish, Pork, Vegetable
Umami from the mushroom and spicy italian sausage blend to jazz up acorn squash in a single dish meal that is its own dish!
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Prep time: 90 minutes

Pressure Cooker Braised Short Ribs

Beef, Main Dish
A pressure cooker provides a fast way to perform a braise that would ordinarily take several hours and the braising liquid turns into a delicious pasta sauce
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Prep time: 30 minutes

Merlin's Cajun Prawns

Main Dish, Shellfish
Combine all spices in a small bowl. Melt butter in a skillet on high. When butter is mostly melted, drop in prawns and cover with spices. Stir-fry prawns for 3-4 minutes or until done. Remove from heat. Serve. Optionally, double the butter and toss with noodles such as linguine.
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Prep time: 15 minutes

Chicken spice mix

Chicken, Main Dish
Mix well and put in a shaker. Cover one side of chicken with a spice mix. There's no salt (the brine has plenty). Place that side down on the grill and repeat on other side. Grill 3-4 minutes per side.
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Prep time: 60 minutes

Turkey Shepherd's Pie (Merlin's Modifications)

Main Dish, Turkey
Prepared mashed potatoes by first boiling the potatoes, then mashing them together with the sour cream, margarine, buttermilk and salt. Set aside. In a pan, saute the onion, carrot and mushroom in the olive oil until everything is soft, and the mushrooms are cooked down a bit. Then add the turkey, and cook until it's brown. Add the thyem, rosemary, flour and salt; stir until the flour is fairly uniformly distributed into the mess. Add the broth, simmer until thickened.
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Prep time: 60 minutes

Merlin's Jambalaya

American, Chicken, Main Dish, Shellfish
Combine everything except the shrimp and rice in a pot. Simmer for at least an hour, or two. Half an hour before serving, add the shrimp. Cook the rice separately, just before serving, add the rice.
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